Devoxx 2012

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As usual Wowww attended the annual Java conference Devoxx in Antwerp.
Already the 11th edition and again a success.
The conference was sold out within a few weeks and 3400 developers from 41 countries gathered together to share thoughts, to get new ideas, see new products and off course to drink Belgium beer.
The Devoxx-team of Stephan Jansen did again a great job. 195 speakers spread over 3 days in 7 rooms with a wide variety of topics. Wifi everywhere, free food and softdrinks and the venue is awsome. You can not get bigger screens.
All talks are recorded and will be available for free at at the end of the year.

The first day the keynote was done by Oracle after some great dancing NAO robots, though still a bit expensive to buy.
Oracle’s presentation was not impressing.

The first talks were were good, specially the one Mike West, Securing the client side: Building safe web applications with HTML5. It was not the only talk this year about securing your site. It is obviously a hot topic at the moment which is good since we intend to move more and more to scripting. It was showed in the talk of Frank Kim how easy it was using Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Session Hijacking, and Clickjacking.

Also on the first day were the talks about the new android 4.2 presented by Romain Guy and Chat Haase. A lot of cool features are on it’s way, not only for the user but also for the developer.

The second day was mainly for Google. The had the keynote given by Tim Bray about what the future of Google will be. We simply have to live online and all is well for them.
He also mentioned the impotrance of websecurity. They know cause Google is as expected one of the main targets of hackers. So they fight a battle 24 hours a day.
The guys from Chrome revealed some new features and off course the Nexus 4 and 10 were promoted, not knowing that a few minutes later a press release was send out that these devices will not be for sale in Holland and Belgium, only some ‘main’ countries.
Later that day we became impressed by the Google framework AngularJS.
Logo AngelerJS
We will really look into that one. A simplified Javascript framework with a lot of options, that brings templating and data binding to javascript, much like as in ActionScript or JSF on the server.

HTML5 was even here also a hot topic. Never heared so much html talk at a Java conference.

Because google was around of course Android was also on spotlight. We found out how to squeeze out the last bit of performance from Jelly Bean by taking advantage of latest features in “project butter” to make amazingly fast and responsive UI.
They also presented the latest version of Android Developer Tools which makes life easier when it comes to performance analysis, finding memory leaks, optimising and most important designing for different screen sizes where now you can choose between various device presets and see live how the layout will look on each of them with different screen orientations and even different locales.

Another topic of discussion was how to target as much mobile platforms as possible with a single code base and therfore the importance of a single implementation that can run on every mobile platform available and still taking advantage of device specific features like camera, sensors, etc. The presented option was the hibrid between a HTML approach and a nativ approach using platforms like Phone Gap but which of course comes with its downsides.

Open source projects started to show their presence also in the mobile world and we saw how many great things can be done using stuff offered by the developers community but also how important it is that we help the community grow by adding our contribution.

On the server side, new stuff was fairly limited. It seems like java on the server is steadily evoluting, while the revolution takes place on the client. Most java talks were about new api versions (such as jax-rs, java for json, jee7, etc), and languages that run on the jvm, like scala and ceylon.

The third day was for the die-hards since JBoss gave a party at thursdaynight. Therefor no keynote and only sessions till 12am.

At the end we were inspired with new ideas, tips and are looking forward to end of the year when the talks will be published on in HD-quality.
The site will also be renewed by Benjamin Dopler, changing the current Flex into cutting-edge html5 page/app.

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