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J-fall 2008

Geplaatst op 12 november 2008 door Marc

Today I am on my way to the yearly j-fall seminar.2 main tracks. One is javafx and the other is flex. This time I will attend all javafx talks and hope to gain more insight in the usability of this technology. Kind regards Marc

“Bitterballen” event and Grails

Geplaatst op 9 oktober 2008 door Marc

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I visited a small seminar on wednesday 8 october. One of the subject was Grails. Since I have not worked with Grails before (only with Rails) I was curious to find out what it could and could not do. At the moment of writing the latest version of Grails is 1.0.3 and according to the […]

Open Water sessie 25 september – XSLT

Geplaatst op 8 oktober 2008 door Gerdt Brouwer

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Voor de 3e keer organiseerde Wowww! Een open water sessie waar een ieder die geïnteresseerd was kosteloos aan deel kon nemen. Na Spring en Flex was het nu de beurt voor “Onder de rokken van XSLT. Gastspreker was Erik Siegel. Erik is freelancer en werkzaam voor uitgevers en heeft daardoor veel te maken met omzettingen […]


Geplaatst op 30 april 2008 door Gerdt Brouwer

Friday april 14th the Adobe train visited Amsterdam on their tour through Europe, demonstrating the features and surpluss that come with AIR.As written in a Dutch magazine : “webdesign won’t be the same after the introduction of Air” I went to Amsterdam with great expectations. Sadly enough I was a little disapointed, not in Air […]

Q&A with James Gosling

Geplaatst op 13 december 2007 door Gerdt Brouwer

Following the keynote speech James Gosling took questions from the audience, here some of the questions and answers. Q: Will Java support the Google web toolkit? A: Let me put it this way: we’re happy Google is doing this, but fundamentally it’s just Google’s product. Besides, they have infinite cash so they don’t need support […]